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> Ergonomic design with grained surface and slip-free buttons for a satisfactory hand grip.
> Very stable on the operating drape with easy to read pressure during inflation.
> Suitable for right and left-handed personal.

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> Precise pressure increase with a simple wrist movement up to 30 ATM
> Efficient cam locking system allows maintenance of high pressure and guarantees fast, easy and automatic release.

Angioflux Produkt mit 3-Wege-HahnAngioflux Y-Connector

Range Type Product No. Description Packaging
AngioFlux Inflation Device PTCA/PTA accessories 900010 Inflation device with connecting line 180 mm and 3-way stopcock 6-unit box
AngioFlux Y-connector PTCA/PTA accessories 900100 Y-connector with haemostatic valve, guidewire introducer and torque device 25-unit box