ITRIX Rapamycin-Eluting Carbon-Ion Stent with Bio-Absorbable Polymer Coating

ITRIX Schriftzug

The ITRIX Rapamycin Eluting Coronary Stent System is the optimal solution in highly demanding cases. The combination of Rapamycin's antiproliferative action coupled with amg's biodegradable polymer and proven balloon catheter facilitates treatment of clinically difficult lesions.

The ITRIX Rapamycin Eluting Coronary Stent System bases on the proven stent platform of our ICROS Bioactive Carbonized Coronary Stent Implantation System.

Balloon catheter platform

- Low inflation pressures
- uniform stent expansion
- Hydrophilic coating for optimal crossability

The ITRIX Rapamycin Eluting Coronary Stent System:

Balloon characteristic:                                    semi-compliant balloon
Balloon material:                                             optimized polyamide / semi-compliant
Recommended Guidewire (max.):               0.014"
Recommended Guiding Catheter (min):    5F
Nominal Pressure:                                          6 bar
Rated Burst Pressure:                                   14-16 bar (dependent on balloon diameter)

Stent Specifications:

- Carbon-Ion implanted stent surface for proven higher biocompatibility and highly reduced restenosis rate
- High radial strength combined with high flexibility due to Open Cell design
- Enhanced radiopacity
- Optimal scaffolding as well as stent-to-wall apposition with superior acute gain

Material:                                                            Carbonized SS alloy
Strut thickness:                                               110 μm (average)
Metal / Artery Ratio:                                         13-15%
Crossing profile:                                             1.05mm

Polymer/Drug Specifications:

- Suppresses neointimal growth without suppressing endothelialization
- Reduces in-stent restenosis
- Uniform, localized drug delivery
- Eliminating inflammation, stent thrombosis and MACE
- Drug carrier polymer:                                   biodegradable
- Polymer biodegradation period:                6 weeks
- Polymer thickness:                                      approx.. 5μm
- Drug:                                                               Rapamycin
- Drug loading:                                                2.0μg/mm²