Pico Elite Paclitaxel Eluting Coronary Stent Implantation System


The PicoElite system is the essence of distinct properties derived from a modern stent platform, very flexible balloon catheter, reliable drug carrying polymer and finally efficacy of drug.    

- Co-Cr stent platform (ArthosPico) with total strut thickness including coating of just 0.079mm
- High flexibility and crossing performance
- Deemed for small vessels and complex lesions especially in diabetics
- Stent lengths of 38mm for any stent diameter (2.00- 4.00mm)
- Well-known polymer with high degree of biocompatibility
- Surface anti-aggregation properties against blood-platelet formation
- Exquisite clinical outcome
- CE-marked since 2006
- Shelf life 24months

The Geometry

 Ultra-flex geometry with semi-open cell design makes manoeuvring very easy.

 Ultraflex Geometry Pico Elite

 The Crossing Profile

 The profile for the whole system (stent on catheter) is:

 IC Small: 1.05mm (Reference: 2,75x38)
 IC Large: 1.22mm (Reference:   4,0x38)


The Balloon Catheter


Benchmark testing confirmed to have a catheter with stunning flexibility performance in comparison to market leading PTCA catheter. This allows in combination with stent geometry to have an excellent deliverability even to lesions of smallest tortuous vessels. Furthermore, crossing through complex lesions is enabled by a unique balloon tip technology of evenness and softness.


 Katheterspitze auf Draht 

Shaft Profile

1.95/2.7 F  (all sizes compatible with 5F space stents).

 The Polymer

 The drug carrying polymer being used is well known in the medical field as haemofilter in blood dialyses technique with exquisite haemo- and biocompatible properties. Moreover, the inherent structural composition confers a suitable accommodation and controlled release of the drug paclitaxel. 

Hardness and a glass transition temperature more than 180°C allows having optimal mechanical and physical properties.  

-> good adherence to the stent (no peeling!)
-> mechanical stability during crimping and expansion (no cracking!)
-> high aging stability
-> non-thrombogenic
-> non inflammatory
-> non-toxic
-> highly biocompatible
-> hydrophilic surface
-> inhibition of blood platelet aggregation 


The Drug

 The efficacy of paclitaxel is well known for being capable avoiding the proliferation of arterial smooth muscle cells. Studies and global clinical observations see paclitaxel more efficient in diabetics than equivilant members of limus-family do. The total drug load is 1µg/mm2. The duration of even release is 30days.   

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