ISOLV Aspiration Catheter

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Main Features and Properties:

ISOLV allows easy access to even smallest vessels and effective removal of thrombotic matter and debris due to:

Removable Core Wire
The catheter tube accommodates over the whole length a stiffening wire for Best Kink Resistance.

Excellent Trackability
Hydrophilic Coating of the distal part confers a facilitated navigation, showing superiority in comparison to competitors.

Excellent Pushability
This novel Core Wire Technology ensures an extraordinary force transmission throughout the entire axial length towards the tip, being superior to competitors.

Aspiration Lumen
Larger than 4 mm²

Anti-Arterial Wall Suction
Design of aspiration hole prevents adherent suction of healthy arterial wall and therefore undesired tissue damage.

Tip Design
The design shows an Extraordinary Elongated Slim Tip (EEST), with smooth transition towards the shoulder, what makes lesion crossing very easy.

Precise Delivery
The X-ray marker is located at 6mm from the distal end. That means it confers Exact Aspiration Hole Positioning.

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