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ITRAC Teaser

Technical Specifications:

Usable length 1950 mm
Diameter of Guide Wire 0.014 Inch (0.36 mm)
Length distal part 300 mm 
Length platinum alloy distal spring coil 30 mm 
Diameter distal coil 0.0133" 
Core material Stainless Steel PFTE coated 
Distal Coil Platinum alloy 
Proximal coil material Stainless Steel 
Coating Hydrophilic 
Sterilization Sterilized with ethylene oxide gas 

Ordering Information:

Part- Number Core Profile Core Support Tip Profile
600-000-010 Extra Floppy Normal Straight
600-100-010 Extra Floppy Extra Support Straight
601-000-010 Floppy  Normal Straight
601-100-010 Floppy  Extra Support Straight
602-000-010 Intermediate Normal Straight
602-100-010 Intermediate Extra Support  Straight
603-000-010 Standard  Normal Straight
603-100-010 Standard Extra Support Straight